2nd Chance (Womens Murder Club, Book 2)

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Some reviewers mentioned bad language. Living in a big city, I find the people around me talk like that, so it seemed realistic to me.

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Good story but I could not get past the frequent bad language used. I understand when dealing with serial killer there will be some, but way to much for my liking made me feel very uncomfortable.

This is a great series of books for light listening. Great stroy lines and an excellent reader. They are all well written books and great to listen to. They will hold your interest for sure and get you involved in the story emotionally. I have enjoyed listening to this series. So much that I plan to listen to the Alex Cross series. This is a good story, but the book as a lot of profanity that is not really needed to tell the story. I thought the book was great. I never knew Jeremy Piven had such an excellent reading voice, I loved him!

The girl did not read as well but was tolerable. Some of the supposed clues Boxer found and times she just so happened to get away were pretty out there and I found myself rolling my eye's once in a while but other than that this was a book I couldn't stop listening to. James Patterson is an award-winning American author. Formerly the chairman of advertising company J.

The novels-featuring his character, Alex Cross, a black forensic psychologist formerly of the Washington, D. Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation, now working as a private psychologist and government consultant-are the most popular books among Patterson readers and the top selling US Detective series in the past ten years.

2nd Chance: The Women's Murder Club, Book 2

In , one of every fifteen hardcover novels sold was a James Patterson title - totaling an estimated of 16 million books sold last year in North America alone. In total, Patterson's books have sold an estimated million copies worldwide. James Patterson was called "the man who can't miss" in Time magazine. He is the first author to have 1 new titles simultaneously on The New York Times adult and children's bestsellers lists, and to have two books on NovelTracker's top-ten list at the same time..

Patterson is also well known for sharing the spotlight with different co-authors such as Maxine Paetro and Andrew Gross and has often said that collaborating with others brings new and interesting ideas to his stories. Lindsay Boxer is stunned when an eccentric professor walks into her homicide department to report a murder. Meanwhile, a serial killer wakes from a two-year coma. Unlucky When two dead bodies are found inside a wrecked car on the Golden Gate Bridge, Lindsay Boxer quickly realises that the gruesome scene is no ordinary traffic accident.

As Lindsay starts to piece the truth together, she gets an unexpected call. Her ex-colleague Mackie Morales, now a ruthless killer, has been spotted back in San Francisco. Lindsay Boxer is investigating a terrifying video of a murder, one committed by masked figures — wearing cop uniforms. Overnight, the entire San Francisco police department become suspects.

On the other side of the city, dozens of witnesses see a woman viciously stabbed to death in the streets — but there are no clues, and no apparent motive.

2nd Chance by James Patterson & Andrew Gross

All Lindsay has to go on is one significant date…. Lindsay Boxer is on the case of a professional multiple murder in a luxury hotel — a man who checked in under a false name, two men in a room full of surveillance equipment, and a maid who saw too much are all dead. Her investigation takes her down unexpected paths — and when her husband Joe abruptly goes missing, Lindsay begins to fear that the elusive suspect might be the man she married. As Lindsay faces the worst case scenario, things get worse when an explosive tragedy rocks San Francisco to its core.

Following new leads, Lindsay once again finds them pointing to her own front door — and starts to wonder if this case could be the end not just of her marriage and career, but her life…. Fifteen months ago, Lindsay Boxer had the perfect life with her beautiful baby daughter and her loving husband Joe.

That was before she discovered everything she knew about Joe was a lie — and his betrayal cuts deep. As Lindsay grapples with her personal life, a wave of mysterious heart attacks strikes across San Francisco, killing seemingly unrelated victims. Is it just chance — or is something more sinister at work?

Before long, Lindsay faces the prospect of her being the one on trial…. Lindsay Boxer is on the case of a series of shootings of the homeless in San Francisco, where the killer is methodical yet unpredictable. An encounter with a confidential informant leads her to disturbing conclusions — something has gone very wrong inside the police department itself.

When three teachers disappear without a trace, Lindsay Boxer takes the lead in the investigation. But with no clues and no suspects, the odds of finding the women alive are getting slimmer by the second. Under pressure at work, Lindsay needs support at home. How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below….

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Chronological Order of Women’s Murder Club Books

By posting a comment you are agreeing to the website Terms of Use. Easy to read and very enjoyable. When is the next one to come put. I have read all of the Womens Murder Club books and cant wait for the next instalment. Gripping read. The characters are so personable…I feel like they are friends.

I feel like the story unfolding is like a good movie unfolding in front of my mind.

Book Review: 2nd Chance (Women's Murder Club, #2) by James Patterson ~ Studio Tilley

Lindsay Boxer is the best series for me. I like her character even better than Alex Cross — and he is also a favorite. Get our latest recommendations, competitions and ebook deals to your inbox every week. Are you human? Unlucky 13 When two dead bodies are found inside a wrecked car on the Golden Gate Bridge, Lindsay Boxer quickly realises that the gruesome scene is no ordinary traffic accident.

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