A History of Television’s The Virginian, 1962–1971

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The Devil's Payroll Paul Green John Harrison, a lawyer turned bounty hunter, finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue after capturing fugitive outlaw Clay Barton. He is persuaded by the beautiful Maggie Sloane to allow Barton t Pete Duel Paul Green Actor Pete Duel, most widely known for his starring role as outlaw Hannibal Heyes in television's Alias Smith and Jones, led an unpredictable and often tumultuous life, ending in a highly publicized The novel by Owen Wister had already seen four movie adaptations when Frank Price mentioned the story''s series potenti Spirituality and Personhood in Dementia Paul Green.

The Men from The Virginian !!!!!!

The Geometrical Tolerancing Desk Reference Paul Green Geometrical tolerancing is the standard technique that designers and engineers use to specify and control the form, location and orientation of the features of components and manufactured parts. This is odd in that the series was set in the s but the song was written by Hank Williams in In the third season, Clu Gulager was added to the show as the restless deputy Emmett Ryker.

After executive producer Frank Price was replaced by Norman Macdonnell at the end of season 3, season 4 became a troublesome time. When Lee J. Cobb also left the show, John Dehner was brought in as the new owner, Morgan Starr. His demanding presence and tough demeanor did not fit well with the show, nor did fans like his character.

Frank Price was brought back on board for season 5 to straighten out the series. He replaced the characters of Randy, Morgan Starr and Jennifer with a few actors who brought back the family atmosphere to the show. John Grainger played by Charles Bickford became the new owner. Her brother Stacey Don Quine rounded out this new cast. Although Price left again, the series continued smoothly in the pattern that he set. In season 6, Clay Grainger played by John McIntire took over ownership after his brother's apparent departure "on business.

Season 7 saw the entrance of David Sutton, played by David Hartman.

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In season 9, the name of the program was changed to The Men from Shiloh and the look of the series was completely redesigned. The clothing was also jauntier and more imaginative and mustaches and beards were much in evidence. These changes brought a better ranking 18 in the top 30 prime-time shows, after the previous year saw the show slip out of the top 30 rankings for the first time ever.

It was one of only four Western series on in prime time. The final season operated on a "rotating lead actor" basis of the four stars, with normally just one lead appearing each week. The ranch itself played a very nominal part in season 9, with most scripts featuring the four stars away from the ranch.

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There seemed little that could save it, as the final season brought in several big guest stars to the remaining episodes. The studio and network were set on ending the series, as evidenced by rivals CBS and ABC making demographic moves away from rural-oriented shows see " rural purge " for more information. The final episode aired on March 24, , ending the show's nine-season run. Based loosely on the character in the Owen Wister novel , he always stood his ground firmly. Respected by the citizens of Medicine Bow and the hands of the ranch, he was a prominent figure in Medicine Bow.

In the series, the Virginian is the ranch foreman from the first episode. This way, the producers were able to establish a feeling that he had been there for a while, and thus keep a consistent story line. In the book, however, the Virginian was the deputy foreman, and only became the foreman after a promotion from the Judge. When making the show, the producers chose not to reveal the Virginian's real name, and little about his past was actually made known. This succeeded in making the Virginian an intriguing and mysterious character. The foreman worked under five ranch owners throughout the series: Judge Garth Lee J.

Alan Mackenzie Stewart Granger. James Drury and Doug McClure were the only cast members to remain with the show for all nine seasons. Starting in season 1, Lee J. Cobb succeeded in making Judge Garth a stern man with a soft side to his personality. The Judge acted as a father figure to the Virginian. Respected by all the townspeople, as well as his employees, the Judge was often looked to for matters to be settled. Lee J. Cobb left the series near the end of season 4. Played by Doug McClure , [11] the character of Trampas took on a completely different personality from the character in the novel.

In Owen Wister's book, Trampas was a villain throughout the story and at the end was shot by the Virginian. However, in the TV series, the producers chose to make Trampas a fun-loving and rowdy character, Doug McClure fitting the part perfectly. Trampas, a sandy-haired, rowdy cowhand who eventually settled down on the ranch, was by far the most developed character in the series. Several episodes were made detailing his past.

Doug McClure, as Trampas, added a touch of light comedy to the series to counterbalance the Virginian's serious manner.

by Paul Green

For part of season 9, the Trampas character wore a thick mustache and broader brimmed hat. He was constantly getting Trampas in and out of his usual scrapes. The on-screen chemistry that Gary Clarke and Doug McClure possessed reflected their good friendship off screen, and was loved by fans worldwide. Although he was with the show at the beginning, Gary Clarke was being phased out of the show at the end of season 2, but remained as a guest star for a few episodes in season 3, before departing for good.

Early in the series, it was made clear that she was adopted, but nevertheless the Judge treated her as his own.

A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971 by Paul Green

Betsy and the ranch hands had a sort of brother—sister relationship. Trampas and Steve had a particular soft spot for her, often jumping to protect her, and looking out for her wellbeing. At the start of the series, Betsy is said to be fifteen years old. In a season 4 episode, "The Awakening," she married a minister Glenn Corbett , and moved to Pennsylvania, reflecting Roberta Shore's departure from the show. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Allen Wiener rated it really liked it Aug 19, Sue Martichuski rated it it was ok Aug 04, D E Trail rated it it was amazing Aug 24, Manuelshift rated it really liked it Apr 18, Kristine Champlin rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Elisabeth rated it liked it Apr 13, Lee Goldberg rated it did not like it Apr 30, Keith Robson rated it it was amazing Oct 08, Judy Scarbeck rated it it was amazing Feb 28, Marty rated it it was ok Dec 04, Lisa Michelle rated it it was amazing Nov 30, Patricia E McMahon rated it liked it Jan 06, Alex rated it really liked it Mar 04, Rachel Melton rated it really liked it Nov 24, Anthony McGill rated it really liked it Mar 01, Tracey rated it it was amazing Apr 11, Dana rated it liked it Oct 03, Chris rated it it was amazing Sep 12, McFarland added it Mar 13,