Beginning C# 3.0: an introduction to object oriented programming

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It simply returns a string with the information we provide.

C# - Introduction to Oops

Now, in our main application, we declare a variable of the type Car. After that, we create a new instance of it, with "Red" as a parameter. According to the code of our class, this means that the color red will be assigned as the color of the car. To verify this, we call the Describe method, and to show how easily we can create several instances of the same class, we do it again, but with another color. We have just created our first functional class and used it. In the following chapters, concepts like: properties, constructors, and visibility will be explained in more depth. C Tutorial.

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Core JavaServer Faces. David Geary. Shaun Thomas. Alex Nuijten. Programming with Swift4. Beginning Swift Programming. Wei-Meng Lee. Java Phrasebook. Timothy R. Getting Started with C Sharp. Pat Turner. Net platform enables developers to build C components to become Web services available across the Internet. Using C language constructs, these components can be converted into Web services, allowing them to be invoked across the Internet. As such, he is uniquely poised to teach developers the effective use of this new language.

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A final section of the book provides a history of C , and a language comparison to other widely used programming languages. If you have no prior programming experience but want a thorough, easy-to-understand introduction to C and Object Oriented Programming, this book is an ideal guide. Using the tutorials and hands-on coding examples, you can discover tried and true tricks of the trade, understand design concepts, employ debugging aids, and design and write C programs that are functional and that embody safe programming practices.

NET platform using C. Using a running case study and extensive code examples, the authors illuminate essential. NET concepts such as interfaces, attributes, collections, threading, remoting, security, and versioning, and introduce powerful new. Michael Stiefel and Robert Oberg show how to create a simple, monolithic C console application; enhance it with a Windows Forms interface; isolate functionality inside components, add database access, secure the code, and deliver functionality through ASP.

NET and Web Services. NET Framework coverage.

Beginning C# 3.0 : An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming by Jack Purdum (2008, Paperback)

Application Development Using C and. NET is one of a breakthrough series of focused guides to. NET written by expert practitioners and instructors. All books in the Prentice Oberg. Net Series teach in a systematic, step-by-step manner, using rich examples and a shared case study. They integrate perfectly: developers who want an even stronger understanding of the basics of C can find it in the companion introductory title, Introduction to C Using.

James Foxall moves beyond the pure syntax covered in existing books, to guide readers step-by-step through a cohesive presentation of the basics of C. Once the basics are understood, Foxall shows the reader how to apply this knowledge to real-world Windows programming tasks using C. Each chapter contains exercises that reinforce the lessons learned in each chapter.

Tips, Notes, and Cautions provide additional advice from the authors on how to get up to speed and programming quickly with C.