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Why the hell did they make Heaven a redhead when her dark hair was practically a character in and of itself? The girl they cast was dumpy looking while book Heaven was a great beauty. Logan's father was a pharmacist, not a butcher, Sarah, Kitty and Tom were supposed to be redheads, Miss Deale loved the Casteel children, Grandpa was missing, and Leigh had platinum blonde hair, not brown.

In the previews for Dark Angel, Troy looks to be mids, when he's supposed to be early 20s. There were a few hints of the real Fanny but then she became a sad sack. I wanted the full out comically bad Fanny. I wonder if they decided that it wasn't going to work well to make a teenage rape victim also a shameless hussy. Heaven and Tom looked so well fed. They were supposed to be starved. I get that they weren't going to have half of the movie the family starving and showing how poor they are. Well, the good thing is that if you hate Heaven she will get what's coming to her in the next book.

They better keep all the batshit crazy stuff.

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Brother the clown, the horse riding off the cliff, the laxatives at the dance. Especially when, as you stated, a character's hair color is iconic. I feel that VC Andrews made it hard to properly cast her female leads: they're all 'the prettiest girl in town' and Audrina even had magical hair that was somehow blond of course yet every color in the rainbow. But yeah Heaven should have had hair that, if not raven-black, should have been at least dark-brown.

They could have slapped a wig on the girl. Also don't get why they made Kitty a dental assistant, that was pointless. Though it made sense that Cal was turned into a failed novelist, it gave him a reason to be home alone with Heaven every day. Next week should be epic. I forget that detail. The clothes were confusing. Heaven's clothes looked a little too nice and store-bought sometimes, I thought. I also was confused as to what year it was; I am now assuming the '70s based on everyone's clothes, though Fanny's in the first scene seemed kind of contemporary.

But I do covet that suede skirt Heaven was wearing in the "oops, did I showcase my ass to my new dad? It's not that I don't understand why this sometimes happens in movies--maybe it doesn't matter as much to the story or maybe an actor just doesn't have the book's look but is so great for the part that no one cares.

But this was not a case of that; while the Heaven chick was more or less OK performance-wise, I am having a hard time believing that there wasn't another actress that could have been just as "more or less OK" and have dark hair. OK, when Logan's mom showed up at the school, I saw that she did not look like the other ladies after all. Garden of Shadows, the last in the Flowers series, may have been started by VC, but it was completed by a ghostwriter.

The guy who played Cal does a lot of Hallmark movies. This is making me having trouble seeing him as a villain. Of course he is a villain preying on a teenage girl and all. My heart broke for Fanny, being sold off to be raped and enslaved for housework by that creepy Reverend. How old is Heaven supposed to be?

All the older kids looked to be in high school. Kitty and her Mom looked to be the same age. The casting is all over the place!!!!

Casteel Books by V.C. Andrews, Andi Arndt, and Robin Eller from Simon & Schuster Canada

I can forgive other unnecessary gaffes, but the hair color is a major screw-up. At this point in the books, Heaven believed she inherited the dark hair from Luke. It was a symbol of her impoverished background and ties to the much-hated Casteel family. I understand this is Lifetime, and character development isn't a thing, but Heaven's desire to look like her mother and win Luke's love was a theme that ran through practically the entire series.

I can't believe the writers just ignored it completely. None of them are twins in the book. The youngest two are close in age and Keith adored Jane since the day she was born, but they are not twins. I thought the same thing with My Sweet Audrina, not that they could have created that chick's "chameleon" hair, haha--and while it was a big deal in. I too found the time period hard to pin down. I think the 70s?

Dark Angel

I think the book was supposed to be 70s because in Web of Dreams, Leigh referenced music from the 50s. This movie may not have been great, but I was not expecting greatness. Yes, that's what's bad about it. The hair colors aren't random. There's a reason for it.

Dark Angel

Heaven naturally assumes its from Luke, while that's part of the reason Luke hates her, and hints to who her father really is. There's a reason for her and Fanny. Part of Logan's problem the other of course is he's an asshole. Put a wig on them if you have too. Heaven has dark hair, Angel has blond and Kitty isn't blond. I wish we got to see book Fanny, she was outrageous and there's a reason for it.

Its really the only way she gets attention from anyone. Both girls were abused they dealt with it differently. I'm not sure Fanny's rape is the reason for them not making her how she was in the book.