Dark Object: The Worlds Only Government-Documented UFO Crash

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UFO documentary films. A treasure hunter thinks so. Navy pilots' apparent sighting of alien craft near East Coast. The crash was investigated by various Canadian government agencies, and at least one underwater search was launched to recover remains of the object. Fight Dog Fish Funny.

Located at the southern tip of Nova Scotia, this rural community would be host to one of the best documented UFO events of the past 40 years.

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So much underwater UFO activity in one place is undeniably unusual and strongly points to the possibility that there is an underwater UFO base somewhere in this area. Walker Lake has been at the heart of a UFO conspiracy for years.

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Video cameras are now capturing hundreds of these baffling unidentified flying objects which puzzle both those who believe and those who don't. The UFO appears to have crash-landed into the ocean and sunken to the ocean floor. Dec 19, A video capturing an unidentified object flying off the coast of San Diego in has been released by the US Department of Defense.

The potential for obtaining hard evidence of UFOs and occupants is a Holy Grail for researchers, but it has proven as elusive as the chalice itself. In the s the focus of UFO organizations was aimed towards the Roswell NM incident alleged UFO crash , the MJ12 papers controversy ostensibly "leaked" Top Secret documents revealing a covert involvement of US military and government with UFOs , government coverups and the so-called "alien abduction" phenomenon.

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Our team sets out to try and uncover the armed forces' "first response" to UFO encounters. There were several eyewitnesses that saw a pyramidal or disk shaped object crash in the frozen lake. The famous crash at Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia in is perhaps the best-documented example of what we presume are other-worldly craft maneuvering in our oceans. Over dark background Alien robot. He recalls seeing them flying in and out of a major underwater alien base. It seems to be in trouble. Beings came out of all directions and took the people down even further. Tic Tac UFO possibly demonstrated a highly advanced capability to operate undersea, completely undetectable by our most advanced sensors.

Skeptical at first, and assuming he would demonstrate there was nothing to it, compelling bits of information eventually led him to believe the case was worth taking seriously.

They hovered for about three minutes, and shortly after the first one sped off and became out of sight in approx 4 seconds as the second one crashed or fell to the middle of the lake and appeared to be A particular dream i experienced last night was seeing a huge ship crash and then people sinking underwater. Zirakpur is a satellite town of Chandigarh Pop. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps, cartoon framegrabs and movie scripts.

Under the Cover

During my time away here on this blog for the summer, I had the opportunity for visit this site for the first time on August 15th, Following a story published by the UK tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail in June , a number of imaginative illustrations resembling underwater photos or high resolution scans circulated, along with rumors that the object could be "a UFO, a portal into another world, or an underwater Stonehenge". Here is the list of such top 5 underwater UFO sightings that will make you understand that it is only the skies for the aliens to hangout, but they use the waters as well.

Augustine crash that had 4 bodies found, known as Roswell — one of the bodies had no sign of either sexual or digestive organs and another even several others had atrophied sexual organs. Mar 7, Ripley Sigourney Weaver crash-lands on a planet where an old U. Take, for example, the famous underwater mystery of the "Bimini Road," a rock formation in the Caribbean near the Bahamas that resembles a road or wall.

The lights flashed on and off before seeming to crash into the waters of the harbour. There were some reports from the locals that a UFO pursued the air craft till it reached Baikal waters right here. The harbor, located at the southern most part of Nova Scotia, would be the location of a well-documented and investigated case of a UFO Crash. A team of scientists believes underwater microphones deep in the Indian Ocean may have recorded the sound of MH crashing into the water. Description: Just above Area 52 is Walker Lake. These kinds of UFO observations are for amateur sky watchers.

Just think of it as an underwater UFO. The incident is said to have taken place near the town of Coyame, Chihuahua, close to the U. The Air Force had forgotten to mention they were testing a new weather balloon in the area, one that happened to be huge and covered in a reflective silver surface.

Ancient Site Built With Needle Fine Precision 17,0 5 Secrets Food Companies Don't Wan't You 63 years ago July 2, It is not a coincidence that the Roswell Crash took place when and where it did, setting the stage in the US near the scientists, for a similar scenario as the crash in the Black Forest to continue the work involved with the alien-human experiments. Paul Seaburn April 5, While the above reports alone provide considerable evidence, further confirmation of this possibility comes from another source.

I was wondering what others thought about it. New Evidence which includes the discovery of a model in a house once owned by Ed Walters which bares striking resemblance to the UFOs in his photographs shifted the majority opinion to believe that Ed Walters photos of the sightings were most likely faked. It's also believed, that the pilot resides inside of it.


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No one is able to pinpoint exactly when the spaceship crash-landed on Earth, or how it became encased in an iceberg, and experts differ widely about the fate of the missing aliens. There is a message scribbled on the deck that reads "Come back when your story is complete. I witnessed the event through a glass window underwater.

We pick the best UFO videos of the day. While driving through the Mexican state of Baja California recently, a woman took out her camera phone and filmed what is being called the first alien UFO sighting of the new year. In fact, ocean exploration experts tell PM, the sonar image in question may not be trustworthy, and the explanation for the The fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight remains one of the most high-profile unsolved mysteries of our time.

No member of the public would know that Catalina Island has a genuine association with 'Underwater UFOs' nearly another 40 years, but this guy claims to know about an underwater UFO near Catalina Island in Two days after the crash, two fishermen who were the best divers in the area, were found dead and naked on the nearby rocks. The start of the event is a random encounter, and, as such, it triggers upon reaching level 20, right after fast This is a real image of an underwater attack with one of these UFOs sent to me by another source. What was it? Underwater aliens or a secret military project.

Some weeds and underwater debris have collected on the top of the UFO, hinting that it has been there for a long time. The Ottawa UFO Crash aircraft in trouble and because of that, emergency search and rescue crews began to probe the river with sonar and underwater cameras.

The 5 Most Credible Modern UFO Sightings

On the night of October 4, , its residents were awaken from their slumber by an event that would find its place within the pages of ufology books — the Shag Harbour UFO crash. The underwater anomaly off the coast of California, thought to be an alien UFO base, consists of a mysterious flat-topped structure see YouTube below supported by columns and pillars, believed to be entrance to the underground UFO or USO base. Top On this photo, we identify without a doubt a triangular-shaped UFO. The Point was near a submarine detection base, which had detected the UFO.

Daniel Tarr et.

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However, 2, miles away there's an underwater facility that's also highly secretive. Presented here are fifteen of the most incredible, best documented cases as evidence of the existence of these underwater UFOs. In January No - it 'is just rocks', claim debunkers. Bottom If the order that we have chosen for these pictures is correct, the UFO here seems to now go sideways before plunging into the ocean… The next five photos show an egg-shaped object of large dimension that falls into the ocean. Written by Haunted Poker for exclusive use.

They reported to their colleagues that they had seen a disc-shaped object half buried underwater. And a Swedish expedition that plunged into the deep eventually surfaced with more questions than answers. The gremlin like creature waves Alien and UFO. But then under the water everything changed. Emerald Do aliens exist?

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You can see for yourself with all the latest UFO news including sightings with pictures and videos. Navy for weapons testing and underwater research.

Secret Aliens

The truth is out there! This is the Holy Grail of alien stories, in my opinion. I always wondered about this one. Based on verbal and published accounts by military witnesses and ET experiencers, active areas for extraterrestrial activity on Earth appear to include the Great Lakes region and the Hudson River Valley, the Gulf of Mexico, the Arctic, Antarctica, Australia and Europe.