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Multiple features were already observed about Settling dynamics of basaltic Etna and trachytic Laacher See ash particles: insight from laboratory high speed imaging more. View on researchgate. Experimental investigation of the aggregation-disaggregation of colliding volcanic ash particles in turbulent, low-humidity suspensions more. New petrological constraints on the last eruptive phase of the Sabatini Volcanic District central Italy : Clues from mineralogy, geochemistry, and Sr—Nd isotopes more.

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Publication Date: Publication Name: Lithos. Geology , Geochemistry , and Geophysics. Exploring separated gas-magma flows in basaltic volcanoes using analogue experiments at a range of scales more. The decoupling of magmatic gas from magma during transport to the surface may result in cyclical and unsteady flow of magma within basaltic conduits.


These flows are characterized by low-intensity, impulsive explosions which may recur These flows are characterized by low-intensity, impulsive explosions which may recur rhythmically for long periods of time. We present the results of scaled analogue experiments which elucidate the separated flow processes which underpin such eruptions.

Experiments are conducted in liquid-filled vertical pipes ranging from 0. The chief novelty of this study is that we explore the role played by the boundary conditions at the top and at the bottom of the pipe: i the top of the conduit is either plugged, rheologically impeded, or open; ii the base of the conduit is either closed zero flux or held at constant pressure.

This latter condition mimics the presence of a magma chambe The thickness of the falling film of liquid around a Taylor bubble more. Publication Date: Engineering , Mathematical Sciences , and Physical sciences.

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High-speed imaging, acoustic features, and aeroacoustic computations of jet noise from Strombolian and Vulcanian explosions more. Cyclicity in slug-driven basaltic eruptions: insights from large-scale analogue experiments more. High-speed imaging of Strombolian explosions: The ejection velocity of pyroclasts more.

Earth Sciences. The thickness of the falling film of liquid around a References Downloaded from The thickness of the falling film of liquid around a Taylor bubble more. An analytical model for gas overpressure in slug-driven explosions: Insights into Strombolian volcanic eruptions more.

Earth Sciences and Slug Flow. Gas slug rise in open versus plugged basaltic conduits: the transition from Strombolian to sustained volcanic eruptions more.

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Strombolian eruptions are characterized by low-energy explosive activity, which may repeat, at fairly regular intervals, for long periods of time. Explosions at the vent are thought to result from the arrival of discrete slugs of magmatic Explosions at the vent are thought to result from the arrival of discrete slugs of magmatic gas that have risen through the magmatic plumbing system. We develop a one dimensional, analytical model of gas slug rise in a volcanic conduit which we use to investigate the controls on the dynamics of Strombolian eruptions.

We consider a partially-filled, cylindrical conduit containing degassed magma, that is initially in magma-static equilibrium with a constant pressure magma reservoir at depth. We introduce a slug of gas at the base of the conduit and consider the temporal evolution of the pressure distribution in the conduit, and the motion of the magma above and below the slug, as the slug rises, decompresses, and expands isothermally. We validate our model against published data for gas slugs rising and decompressing in a vertical pipe [James et al.

If we impose the more geologically-sound condition of constant pressure at the base of the conduit, we can consider two scenarios of volcanological relevance: 1 Vent plugged with cooler, more-viscous magma. In this case, as the slug rises and expands beneath the plug, it pushes the degassed magma below it down the conduit, consequently, magma re-enters the chamber from the base of the conduit. The slug reaches the viscous plug at the top of the conduit with a significant over-pressure; this may be sufficient to disrupt the plug, causing a Strombolian explosion, or the gas may percolate away.

Fresh magma then moves up from the chamber, into the conduit to restore magma-static equilibrium. As the slug rises and expands, the volume of magma held in the falling-film that encircles the slug increases.

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Since this film is supported viscously by the conduit walls, it does not contribute to the magma-static pressure at the base of the conduit which, therefore, decreases, causing fresh magma to flow upwards. Fresh magma entering the base of the conduit may cause a new slug to form, either through decompression and exsolution, or by tapping a gas-rich layer at an asperity, or at the chamber roof.

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In either case, scenario 1 plugged vent will lead to periodic, Strombolian eruption, whilst scenario 2 open vent will lead to sustained eruption at higher discharge rate. A noteworthy feature of the model is that the conduit is recharged with fresh magma following slug rise, even if no magma is erupted at the surface. We apply our model to the case of Stromboli, and compare model output with monitoring observations. We find that the most important parameters controlling eruption style and vigour are magma viscosity, mass of gas in the slug, and the ratio of slug radius to conduit radius.

DB: what are your thoughts on specialization vs generalization? I love learning things but not necessarily mastering them. I originally learned all of the programming languages for web but it did not keep me interested enough to continue putting my energy into it. AG2R la mondiale identity and applications while at dumbar studio. RDB: the most interesting graphic designers for me are the ones that illustrate, but are not necessarily illustrators in a traditional way.

RDB: the internet is certainly the main influence on design now. DB: what fascinates you at the moment? In addition to relaxation and contact with nature, the living room in the House of Pian del Bello allows you to take a fascinating journey back in human origins. Kissed by the sun all day and immersed in the aromas of wild plants live the House of Pian del Bello offers its guests an estate of hectares, in which you can toggle scenic walks to Cycling along a hiking trail equipped.

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The surrounding area slightly mountainous and rich in vegetation is an ideal: even the warmer seasons are never muggy. The location of the farm is centrally located and offers easy access to the Italian cities of art. Patrick and the cathedral, an example of Gothic art par excellence.