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We recommend getting an all-in-one world adapter that you just leave in your suitcase all the time; that way you'll always have it when you need it. Plus, you can use it on your cruise ship to make use of an additional outlet.

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Unless you're on a warm-weather cruise and plan on plonking yourself down poolside all day or at the beach in every port, you'll probably be doing a lot more walking than you expect. Even your most broken-in shoes might start to feel a little rough in destinations like Alaska and Europe where glacier hikes or walking tours are standard fare.

Be prepared for the inevitable blister or two with Band-Aids at hand, in whatever bag you carry with you off the ship and some spare ones onboard. Don't waste half a port day chasing down a laptop charger like one Cruise Critic senior editor was forced to do after switching laptop bags and forgetting to move the charger to the new bag. If you're bringing anything that needs to be charged, make sure to double-check you've got the charger for it.

There are lots of cruise destinations where getting a replacement charger could be near to impossible. You do not want to be stuck in a picture-perfect setting with no way to take a picture!

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Keep cords organized with an electronics gear bag. Sure, we've all got our contact numbers stored in our cell phones these days, but what if someone else needs to make a call on your behalf and your phone requires a PIN or thumbprint? Or what if the phone is missing or the battery is dead? Having a hard copy of all your emergency contacts in your wallet or stored in your in-cabin safe could turn out to be a lifesaver.

Sadly, we've read horror stories of people showing up to cruise ports without their passports, birth certificates or required visas and getting turned away. If it's the last thing you do before you walk out your door, always check to make sure you've got all the identification and paperwork that is required for every step of your trip.

Whether its passports, birth certificates only an option on closed loop cruise sailings out of a U. For an extra layer of security, keep copies of all of these as well as your travel insurance policy in a separate location from the originals. We like this travel document organizer. Other than a handful of over-the-counter remedies cold pills, pain relievers and seasickness treatments sold at inflated prices, cruise ships carry only a limited supply of prescription medications, and these are given out only in emergencies.

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If you take any kind of medicine on a daily basis, be it prescription, vitamin or something else, it's imperative you bring enough with you to last your entire cruise -- and even a few days longer just in case some type of travel delay prevents you from getting home on time. Even though most cruise ships do carry pills for seasickness prevention either in the sundries shop or in the medical center, if you're prone to seasickness you shouldn't forget to bring your own supply as well. Store it all in a sleek pill organizer that doesn't scream "senior.

Forgetting to bring a pullover, cardigan , sweatshirt or sweater could result in spending extra money on an over-priced piece of clothing you never wear again. Going to be off your cruise ship for an entire day?


Bussing it out to a remote shore expedition locale where there might not be any convenience stores? It's never a bad idea to have a snack with you when getting off the ship as you don't always know if you'll be able to get something to eat if you need it.

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  • This is especially essentially if you've got kids in tow or have issues with low blood sugar. But taking food off a cruise ship is always a no-no unless it's a prepackaged, sealed snack bar or snack pack. Since these types of snack foods are rarely sold on cruise ships, don't forget to throw a handful into your luggage when packing. Ladies, listen up! Don't forget to bring your preferred brand of tampons and pads when you cruise.

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