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Hallie Ford Museum of Art: Breath of Heaven, Breath of Earth

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After twelve years' work, involving over 10, people, writing and editing 60 million words to produce a 60 volume book, and a website with over , pages, the Oxford DNB was published on 23 September An illustrated collection of 50, specially written biographies of the men and women who shaped all aspects of Britain's past, from the fourth century BC to the year Remarkable people in any walk of life who were connected with the British Isles - excluding living people.

It includes not just the great and good, but people who have left a mark for any reason, good, bad, or bizarre. The Perseus Project is an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond. Collaborators initially formed the project to construct a large, heterogeneous collection of materials, textual and visual, on the Archaic and Classical Greek world.

Contains all the records catalogued by OCLC member libraries. Offers millions of bibliographic records. Includes records representing languages. Over 95,, records added since Mellon Foundation, with a mission to use digital technology to enhance scholarship, teaching and learning in the arts and associated fields. The ARTstor Digital Library Charter Collection is a repository of hundreds of thousands of digital images and related data and the tools to actively use those images.

The ARTstor Library is a collection of collections. It is the product of a growing number of collection development partnerships with individuals and institutions in the US and abroad. The ARTstor Library may be searched as an integrated whole or by its constituent collections. Users of ARTstor may not use the content in ARTstor for any commercial purpose, including incorporating content in print or electronic publications distributed through a press whether commercial or non-commercial.

Additionally, users may not distribute widely ARTstor content, such as through unrestricted websites. ARTstor for Archaeologists: getting started see Training. The original archive of Sir John Beazley , acquired by the University in the 's, was installed in the Cast Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum in Under the direction of Dr Donna Kurtz the original 'paper archive' of photographs c. In Information Technology projects began with the Pottery Database of Athenian figure-decorated vases of the 7th-4th centuries BC.

Since IT projects on other aspects of classical art have been created. Bridgeman Education is an expanding resource currently comprising over , images representing objects from museums, galleries and private collections, as well as buildings and monuments. Its images cover visual culture worldwide, from pre-History to the present day.

Media covered include photography, fine art, engravings, sculpture, architecture, the decorative arts, artefacts and applied arts.

Ancient Near Eastern Seals & Tablets

The project, directed by David Stronach and Eleanor Wilkinson, began digitizing only the field records from the University of California at Berkeley Expedition to Nineveh , and It has grown to accommodate knowledge contributed by other archaeologists past, present and future, in what has the potential to be first comprehensive archaeological reckoning of the history of the site, from the 19th century through to today. Contact us Send us your feedback. Google Analytics anonymously tracks individual visitor behaviour on this web site so that we can see how LibGuides is being used.

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Toggle navigation The University of Chicago Library. Search Library Guides Search. Ancient Near East. Welcome to the Ancient Near East Guide This guide provides links to some of the most important resources available for studying the ancient Near East. Quick Links Catalogs.

Ancient Near Eastern Art - Neo-Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian

Find items in all campus libraries, including books, periodicals, sound recordings, videos, DVDs and more. Indexes articles, book reviews, monographs, and single volumes from sets. The catalog of the Oriental Institute Research Archives at the University of Chicago contains entries for ancient Near East materials cataloged since with complete analytics essays, articles and book reviews for materials cataloged since The catalog also includes earlier materials, but not comprehensively.

WorldCat is a database that allows researchers to search the combined catalogs of hundreds of libraries around the world. It contains more than 52 million records for books, journals, audiovisual materials and more. The wreath refers to a religious festival that celebrates the life, death and rebirth cycle. These were the lucky charms, or protective genies, called shedu and they were placed as guardians at gates and doorways of the palace of Dur Sharrukin present day Khorsabad.

Man, bull, and bird are grouped together and were thought to offer protection against enemies.

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Carved from a single block, it stands feet tall 4 m and wide. The head is the only human element with the ears of a bull. The eyes are expressive, with thick eyebrows and the mouth has a thin moustache. An inscription between the hind legs of the bull praises the ruler and puts a curse on anyone who seeks to to harm him. Richelieu wing, Ground floor, Mesopotamia, Room 4. Considered the emblem of the Mesopotamian civilization, the basalt stele was erected by the king of Babylon in the 18th century BCE.

Art of the Ancient Near East

It is an important work of art, history, and literature and is the most complete legal document of antiquity dating further back than Biblical laws. The longest chapter covers family issues, which were the foundation of Babylonian society — engagement, marriage and divorce, adultery and incest, adoption and inheritance. More than just a legal content, the code also sheds important light on the society, religion, economy and history of this period. The Code served as a literary model for schools of scribes, who copied it for a thousand years.

Richelieu wing, Ground floor, Mesopotamia, Room 3. It was discovered in and underwent a decade-long restoration work in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington before it arrived at the Louvre's Near Eastern Antiquities department in Sully Wing, Room D. Includes pick-up at your Paris hotel.

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Best of Versailles. Included is a 3-course traditional lunch by the Grand Canal. Divided into three areas by geography, the Near Eastern Antiquities department spans both the Sully and the Richelieu wings of the Louvre, covering twenty-seven rooms. Don't miss Room Four in the Richelieu wing — it's where the winged human-headed bull of Khorsabad resides. You'll be surprised by the huge size of some of the archaeological works, but also search for small treasures — rare relics from the first traces of civilization.

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If you're like us, you'll want to book a Louvre guided tour that walks you past the long ticket line to show you the best art in overview of the world's largest the museum. Afterwards you'll be able to wander the near eastern department, and other areas of the museum.