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Here were born to him the fol- lowing children: John R. Absalom W.

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White, Thomas R. Pardue, Val W.

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Rhodes, who married Mary G. Jones, Mary B. AValker, Tilman W. I have no information as to the descendents of John R. Charles J. Fannie Wilder, daughter of Robert L.

To Thomas R.. By his second marriage there came to Thomas R. Pardue and Anne May, who married W.

Boykin, and who with her hus- band and Harriet, Grace and Annie, her children, now live in Augusta, the eldest Rhodes Boykin being engaged in the lumber industry elsewhere. Thomas R. The writer once served with him on the Board of Jury Commissioners and recalls the following inci- dent of that service. In our examination of the list, whose fitness for jury service was to be considered and determined by us, we reached the name of a young man who in his physical makeup had developed some of the characteristics of a dude. As his name was announced Thomas R. To Val W.

Rhodes were born Thomas V. Browm, local manager of the W.

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Telegraph Co. Henry C. Brown, manager of the Interstate Cotton Oil Co. Hiram Rhodes, son of Thomas R. U 7W aril to lasfin. That they were here prior to Feb. At its conclusion Mr. For your sweetheart will come bime-by. Some time after their arrival Aaron located at what is now known as the War- ren Place on the Washington road a few miles above Augusta.

Nancy Murphey was only seven years old in , and Aaron must have waited for her as long as Jacob did for Rachel, for they were probably not married before Soon after the death of her hus- band. Nancy Rhodes moved to a location near the present site of the Albion Kaolin Co. Her selection of this location in such close proximity to what was known for so m. About three years before her death her son, William J. To William J.

in a hallowed tone Manual

Martha Maria died in her twentieth year unmar- ried. William W. James W. Weller's advice, married Pauline C. Allen, widow of Elisha A. Allen, Jr. Robert A. A naclo 9. Of William J. For some years she has been a citizen of Hephzibah and re- tains in large measure the charming grace of her early days. In ante-bellum days my father owned a slave whose name was Jonas. She has a great idea of becoming a city-zen. His marked success in the administration of his own affairs brought to him many fiduciary trusts. And yet it is a cold, cold fact.

I have had occasion more than once to quote in this story from genial and gifted Dr. It may not be amiss, therefore, to give one incident in which the Dr.

In Henry Clay was unanimously nominated by the Whig Convention as its presidential candi- date. In the campaign that followed he made a general tour of the Southern States and his itinerary included both Savan- nah and Augusta. His engagement in the Forest City occur- ring first and the Central railroad having been completed to its terminus at Macon in seems but natural that Mr. Clay should have availed himself of the rail line to Millen and then when no other alternative was available should have taken private conveyance to Augusta. My friend W. He made some allusion at first to the natives having pointed out to him the imprint of those four particular wheels after thirteen years had passed, but on cross examination he ad- mitted that this was to be taken simply in a Pickwickian sense and that he did not care to be summoned as a character witness.

H,1 oaiilaolnaH isaig aril laifiartw. The home of Judge William J. Rhodes, who was an ardent Whig supporter of Mr. Clay, in I order to be in good form and unimpaired voice for his Augusta f speech had exacted a pledge frorri his attendants that his trip should be absolutely unadorned by any oratorical frills. The I carriage halted in front of the Rhodes home, Mr. Clay alighted, [ - bowed to the assembled crowd and was conducted to the res- [ idence where he hoped to have an hour of absolute rest and [ quiet.

Walker, who was an eye witness of the scene, gave me the incident long years ago and I do not now recall whether Dr. Carswell exhausted his pent up eloquence or whether Mr. He entertained me often with memories of the past but on this particular episode of his long and useful life, his tongue was silent and his lips were mute.

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A doD Hn! On June i, , Frances Virginia, the last child born to Wm. Their graves lie in the Allen burying ground in our town. Some years later Wm. Crawford, but their union was childless. On January 23, , Judge Rhodes died, and his dust lies by that of his first wife in the old Allen grave yard. His descendants trace their lineage back to a larger number of these old-time settlers than any others who bear a personal relation to this story. His grandsons, Robert A. Allen, son of Evalina, all at Louisville, Ga.

The children of my brother, Samuel R. Clark, Rev. Allen, W. Edward, Lillian, Gertrude and Harold, as well as Prof. Clark and his sister, Essie M. Rhodes, not only claim descent through their mother from the four early settlers named, but through their fathers from Thomas Walker and Alexander and Isabella Carswell. Lavinia, sister of Wm.

Carswell, son of Alexander and Isabella Carswell, whose lineage, as I am recently informed by my clever friend and relative, Mrs. Ella Salter, of Tampa, Fla. Walker, into recjuisition again to ascertain what billionth trace of noble Ruthen blood trickles through my own i. My clever friend, however, has promised to furnish me the proof, and I await its forthcoming before taxing my friend Peter again.

There were born to James and Lavinia Carswell two sons. Edward R. Carswell, who married iMaria Loring. The children of Edward R. Caroline Whigham had a son, and two daughters, flattie and Lavinia. Jane King had two sons, James and William, and a daughter, Isabella. Some allusion has been already made to iGen. Carswell as a descendant of Thomas Walker. His prominence as a descendant of Aaron Rhodes also may justify the incorporation into these records of these additional incidents.