Handbook of Human Computation

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Human Computation and its Implications

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  1. The Promise of the Fifth Sun.
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  3. The Triassic timescale!
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  5. Dan Thomsen authors two chapters in "Handbook of Human Computation"!

Edit this event. Human Computation in the Humanities. February 22, - February 23, Daniel Estrada.

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    Synthesis and Taxonomy of Human Computation Human Computation in the Wild Human Computation for Disaster Response Knowledge Engineering via Human Computation Human Computation in Citizen Science Human Computation as an Educational Opportunity Search and Discovery Through Human Computation Human Computation in Electronic Literature Human Computation for Information Retrieval Innovation via Human Computation Solving Wicked Problems Introduction to Techniques and Modalities Social Knowledge Collection Location-Based Games for Citizen Computation Pervasive Human Computing Building Blocks for Collective Problem Solving Adaptive Agents in Combinatorial Prediction Markets Risks and Rewards of Crowdsourcing Marketplaces Designing Systems with Homo Ludens in the Loop Collective Action and Human Computation Cultural Evolution as Distributed Computation Collective Search as Human Computation Handbook of Human Computation Conversational Computation Modeling Humans as Computing Resources Service Oriented Protocols for Human Computation Algorithms: Introduction Constructing Crowdsourced Workflows Human-Based Evolutionary Computing Algorithms for Social Recommendation Participation Cultivating Collective Intelligence in Online Groups Analysis: An Introduction Stochastic Modeling of Social Behavior on Digg Activation Cascades in Structured Populations Synchrony in Social Groups and Its Benefits