Identifying, assessing, and treating bipolar disorder at school

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Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Bipolar Disorder at School | Shelley R Hart | Springer

Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Bipolar Disorder at School presents child and education practitioners with an evidence-based framework for accurate identification, assessment, and intervention of bipolar disorder. This straightforward resource clears up misconceptions about the condition, and outlines its complex presentation in young people, where it may appear in tandem with other disorders and bring challenges to treatment. By providing information to assist in referrals, consultations, and recommendations for special education, the authors give the reader a unique vantage point for improving students' learning environment and helping to facilitate the work of fellow professionals.

Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Bipolar Disorder at School is an essential reference for school psychologists and allied educational professionals, special education teachers, speech and language therapists, counselors, clinical child psychologists, and mental health practitioners.

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Shelley R. Hart, Ph. Her research at Hopkins has focused on individuals with emotional and behavioral challenges, specifically those with bipolar disorder or with suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

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Her academic preparation consists of undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology, with a Master of the Arts in Education from the California State University, Sacramento school psychology credential followed by a doctorate from the University of California, Santa Barbara in the Department of Counseling, Clinical and School Psychology. Prior to her graduate studies, Dr. Hart spent a number of years in the mental health arena working with severely impaired individuals in psychiatric facilities or transitioning to the community.

Her desire to intervene earlier in the progression of mental health challenges led her to school psychology, and she practiced in schools in Northern California for several years.

Hart has focused her career on children and youth with emotional and behavioral challenges, particularly the intersection between mental health and the educational context; that is, promoting successful experiences for this underserved population in the schools.

Her scholarly activities include manuscripts, articles and book chapters, as well as local, state, and national presentations related to these topics.

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Childhood-onset of psychosis may present with poor motor development, such as unusual crawling, and children may be more anxious and disruptive compared to those with later onset. It is especially important to pay attention to sudden changes in thoughts and behaviors.

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Keep in mind that the onset of several of the symptoms below, and not just any one change, indicates a problem that should be assessed. The symptoms below should not be due to recent substance use or another medical condition. The behavior of children with this illness may change over time.

Brock, Stephen E.

Psychosis can develop gradually or suddenly. Children and youth may begin talking about strange fears and ideas. They may start to cling to parents or say things that do not make sense.

Others who used to enjoy relationships with peers may become more shy or withdrawn or seem to be in their own world. Early diagnosis and medical treatment are important. It is especially important that children and youth with the problems and symptoms listed above receive a complete evaluation.


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Treatments for bipolar disorder

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