Oathblood (Vows and Honor, Book 3)

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Oathblood (Vows and Honor, Book 3)

Also included in the unique volume is the complete collection of Lackey's short stories about these two brave sisters as they answer the call of their destinies with sword and sorcery! Disability Subtags Notes: This is a new feature, so please report any bugs or tag corrections! Unspecified is for where I'm not sure what to tag.

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North Africa. West Africa. Southern Africa. East Africa. South Asian. Southeast Asian. East Asian. Central Asian. Native American. Although I think the previous two books are better introductions to these two characters and Lackey's world, if you like the first two books involving them, I think you'll enjoy this book as well, but I'd definitely not start here.

LibraryThing member Bibliotropic. There are some ups and downs to this book.

Vows and Honor Series

On the up-side, this book is a bunch of short stories and doesn't pretend to be anything but that, no half-hearted attempts to string them all together into something resembling a coherent and continuing plot. It was nice to see a few interesting adventures that Tarma and Kethry have suffered through, particularly the one inspired by Murphy's Law.

Also, I finally got to read the story in which the two main characters met in the first place.

The down side is that about half the book consisted of stories that had been seen in other places, most notably the first book of the Vows and Honor trilogy. This would be fine if it was a standalone book unconnected to another series, but as it was, I'd already read some of what was being presented to me, with few to no changed in the presentation between the original short story and the time it made it to the first book of the trilogy.

Oathbreakers- There's Always a Reason (A Curse Upon All Bards)

Rather disappointing, I think, to read what I'd already read, especially when I was expecting new things. What was interesting, though, was to see the obvious progression of the author's writing talents.

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From the earlier stories to the later ones, it's easy to see Lackey's style become more solid, more confident as she grows into it. Her sense of humour is evident throughout, though; some things just never change. Overall, I'm glad I can say that I've finally read this trilogy, which I think means I've read all the Valdemar novels except for one and that one's in the mail as we speak.

I'm equally glad, though, to say that I don't have to read it again; this was definitely my least favourite trilogy in the series. Decent, but not the best. LibraryThing member jjmcgaffey.

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All the Tarma and Kethry short stories - including the beginning of the whole thing, what happened to Tarma when the raiders hit her Clan. They're not in chronological order - may be in published order, but I can't tell. It makes it a little difficult to interweave them with Oathbound and Oathbreakers, but it can be done - and makes those stories richer to know the rest of the events that are casually referred to in the books. Lots of favorites in here - the first one, and 'A Woman's Weapon' about the tanneries, and 'Threes' which I find particularly amusing because I knew the song before I read the story!

And some of the late ones - the Firebird one, and the one about the school and their kids I don't like the one about the bear, but that's kind of the point of the story. Very rich, all of it. LibraryThing member Earthwing.

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Oathblood is a collection of short stories featuring Tarma and Kethry. The first story in the book is the story of how they met.

Not all of the stories include Warl since some predate the time of his bonding with Tarma. My favorite story was one that took Tarma, Warl, and to of the former Sunhawks to Forest Reach to train some misbehaving horses. Overall, this was a great book.


LibraryThing member Rubygarnet. Oh, Mercedes Lackey's Renaissance-esque horse-loving people, mercenaries with hearts of gold. I used to own all her books once upon a time, and I kept this Tarma and Kethry collection because I think those two garnered a high proportion of her best writing in the '80s and '90s.

LibraryThing member JohnFair. This is technically listed as the third part of the 'Vows and Honor' series of books featuring Kethry amd Trama, Lackey's answer to the fighting heroines that began to feature in the eighties and nineties.

Review: Oathblood by Mercedes Lackey

While similar to other females in the genre, this pair of mercenaries are somewhat more realistic but I believe that thinking any female fighter being an equal to a to a man one on one with the same sort of weapons falls foul of biology to a greater degree than any fantasy writer is willing to accept.

Despite that, most of these tales are good fun at the very least and sometimes thoughtful and not too preachy. One of the things I found difficult in these stories was to date them in terms of the rest of the Valdemar Cycle but later books in the Cycle make it fairly clearthat these are a generation or two before the original Heraldic books.