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The team secretaries, helped by the other players in their team, then have to write down what is in the suitcase. They must not look at the picture while doing this. Each team then reads out their list of sentences. Alternatively, score two points if the sentences are both grammatically and factually correct, one point if only factually correct.

The team with the most points is the winner.

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There are some magazines. There are some socks. There are two pairs of sunglasses. There are some handkerchiefs. There's a comb. There are three ties. Place a large number of objects on a table or desk. For example: paper, magazines, a book, bread, a newspaper, matches, a ring, an empty cup, sugar, some files, a cassette. It would be better if you could do this without the class seeing you. Allow the class one minute to study what is on the table. Then cover the objects.

Attitudes and Beliefs

Then ask the class questions about what is on the table. Take care to ask questions which require a negative as well as a positive answer. For example: Is there a glass on the table? Is there a cup on the table? Are there any files on the table?

Play Games With English: Book Two (Heinemann Games). Colin Granger

Is there any tea on the table? No, there isn't.

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Allow the class a few moments for consultation before they answer. Write their answers up in note form, e. Then uncover the objects and award 1 point for each correct answer. Then get the class to test your memory. Look at this picture for two minutes. What's in the suitcase? Write down all the things you can remember. Use these nouns: ,;v h. Working individually or in pairs , the players write down two sentences for each character. Set a ten to fifteen- minute time limit. Sally answers the telephone. Kate writes on the blackboard. Jason gives change.

Steve wallpapers rooms. Bob cuts the grass.

Men & Women Who Play Games

Carol takes photographs. She types letters. She marks homework. He serves customers. He paints doors. He waters the flowers. She develops films. Present Simple: Do you work outside? Yes, he does. Introduce some useful vocabulary for this game by discussing your own job, for example: What's my job?

Tommy Heinemann, Penn FC (USL)

What do I teach? Where do I work? Who do I work for?

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Do I work inside or outside? Do I wear special clothes for my job? You're a teacher. You teach English. You work in a school. You work for You work inside.

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No, you don't. Write the name of a job on a slip of paper, and assign it to a fictitious friend. The class has to guess the job by asking Does questions, for example: Does he work outside? Does he earn a lot of money? No, he doesn't. The two teams take it in turns to write down the name of a job for the other team to guess. Each team has 20 questions with which to find out the job. Write up the score, like this: e. If Team B gets the answer in fourteen questions, write: Team B If Team B fails to guess the job in twenty questions, write: Team B At the end, the team with the lowest total is the winner.

Hints: Suggest that the teams allocate each job to a particular member of the team; in this way, various forms can be practised, e. Do you work with children? Encourage the teams to choose unusual jobs bullfighter, astronaut, gangster, nun, clown, etc. Prepositions of Place: There's a mouse in the cupboard. Working individually or in pairs , the players write down as many sentences as they can in the five minute time limit.

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Hints: Alternatively, you could play this as a speed game, telling the players that there are sixteen mice which they have to locate in the picture. The first player to write the sixteen sentences correctly is the winner. Prepositions of Place: Is the ring on something? You need two small objects for this game, for example, a ring and a pair of scissors.

It is important that one of these objects should be something that requires the plural, e. Leave the room for a short time, telling the class to hide the two objects in two separate places while you are gone.

Come back into the room and first ask questions to find out where the ring is hidden, e. Is the ring on something? Is it under something? Is it behind something? Is it behind the curtains? No, it isn't. When you have found the ring try to locate the scissors: Are the scissors in something? Then the players can take over the guessing role by leaving the room for a moment while the objects are hidden in new places.

To score this game, count the number of questions each player requires before finding the objects. The player with the lowest number is the winner. Hints: With a large class, speed up the game by sending more than one player out of the room at a time, and having them ask questions in turn. If you want to avoid sending players out of the room, imaginary hiding places could be written down. Use these words: oven door drq.