Power system dynamics : stability and control

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With contributions from international experts in both academia and industry, the book features:. An invaluable resource for power system engineers and smart grid analysts, this is also an excellent reference for system operators, utility workers, manufacturers, consultants, vendors, and researchers.

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Unit behavior during failure. Angle stability. Small signal stability and transient stability. Power system voltage stability. Long term stability.

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Power system stabilizers. Smart transmission grids. General Competencies Understanding of balance between power production and demand. Learning Outcomes explain principles of balancing between active and reactive power in a power system name and explain types of power system regulation differentiate interconnected power system operation form islanding power system operation explain the connection between frequency and active power and between voltage and reactive power describe the process of frequency collapse in a power system and functioning of frequency load shedding system describe the voltage collapse process in a power system and functioning of undervoltage load shedding system name and explain types of power system stability identify the most important parameters which determine dynamic behaviour of synchronous machines and describe the impact of each parametr on the power system dynamics.

Forms of Teaching Lectures Three hours per week. Exams Continuously: one writing exam, final exam writing and oral examination and three short tests. Exercises One hour per week. Solving numerical examples. Consultations Especcialy for seminar.


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Internship visits Visit and lecture in National Dispatch Centre. Comment: Two points for technical visit. Week by Week Schedule Control characteristics of energy processes in power system production and transmission facilities.

Power system stability

Control in power plants. Connection between load and frequency as well as voltage and reactive power.

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Turbine power speed characteristics. Speed-droop characteristic and frequency characteristics of the load. Composite governor and load characteristic. Governor dead band. Required active power for frequency control. Primary unit control. Automatic secondary control. Selected generation sets included in secondary control.

Tertiary control and system operators. Most important parameters relevant for frequency deviation in the system. How operation with lowered frequency influences on turbine? Load categories.

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Frequency relays. Voltage as power system local characteristics.

Reactive power. Power system elements as reactive power loads. Most important reactive power consumers in the system.

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Condenser banks. Synchronous condensers. Primary control. Pilot nodes. Control zones. Automatic secondary voltage control. Coordinated automatic secondary voltage control. Tertiary control. Dynamic generation unit commitment in power plants active and reactive power group control. Multi machines power plant. Dynamic characteristics of units. Speed of response. Inertia constant. Total mechanical constant. Characteristics of load.