Scale Relativity And Fractal Space-Time: A New Approach to Unifying Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

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A space-time geodesic at quantum scale becomes fractal and is its proper time. The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories. The Secrets of Hypnosis. The Story of Thomond Park. Asterix: Asterix and the Normans : Album 9. This post has been imported on physicsoverflow, see here. The astrophysicist Laurent Nottale develops since the scale relativity , which aims to unify quantum physics and relativity theory, using a fractal space-time.

I would like to understand why this theory, which seems have a good potential, is not taken seriously by the physics community, in the sense that it is not as developed as of course the string theory, but also the loop quantum gravity or the noncommutative geometry model of Alain Connes.

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Is it a political problem or a communication problem, or are they serious obstructions for such a theory to be valid? Edit : Scale relativity is not at all in the category of "unpublished personal theories", see these references from the wikipedia page: the theory admits several papers published in peer-reviewed journals. This question appears to be off-topic. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: "We deal with mainstream physics here.

Questions about the general correctness of unpublished personal theories are off topic, although specific questions evaluating new theories in the context of established science are usually allowed. For more information, see Is non mainstream physics appropriate for this site?

Quantum Effects Through a Fractal Theory of Motion

The main result of Nottale is well known as just a consistency postulate of quantum gravity: that if the electromagnetic renormalisation of electron mass is cut off at Planck Scale, the correction is of the same order of magnitude that the electron mass itself. This is remarked eg in Polchiski string theory book. This coefficient looks ad-hoc, and post-hoc: given that we know Plank mass and electron mass, it could be just a guess.

I also don't think I can give a definitive answer. But maybe no one can because maybe no one knows enough about the theory and about why people don't know about the theory.

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But I will do my best. As mentioned by Nikolajs maybe fee people think they can contribute to it or make use of it. This is partly because of the success of quantum mechanics and relativity in there domains of applicability which covers almost everything we have an opportunity to see. And partly because of having to learn new things. But let's not confuse the issues. Peer review is one thing, and reviewers should be fair. But choosing to study an area is a personal choice, everyone chooses what to specialize it.

Just because you choose an area because you think you skills and background and interests will allow you to make meaningful contributions down mean you think other specializations are wrong, they just aren't your cup of tea. At least right now people do change their specializations.

So if you think another researcher is way ahead of you and isn't likely to be a coauthor, then that might discourage you. In a robust and healthy field you can have interplay between different subarea experts, for instance theorists and experimentalists can work together. And then their collaborations with other theorists and other theorists can lead to more people becoming aware of their work. You like to know what your collaborators are up to. Maybe not at first, but in a long term collaboration you find out the other things your collaborators are up to.

Resolution-scale relativistic formulation of non-differentiable mechanics | SpringerLink

In an area without active collaboration between for instance experiment and theory, there is a barrier to awareness. But you specifically asked about comparison with loop gravity and string theory, surely those areas have just as much a disconnect with experiment. Fair enough. String theorists have a particular culture, of lots of people working on specific hard mathematical problems in a very competitive way. So if there is a large group of people working on the same problem you know others will appreciate your work, not just because they are a built in audience that understands it, but because of the competitive nature where if you publish first you can get their respect for doing hard work very quickly.

This means lots of people can say good things about you, good things that speak well about you even outside of physics, which means there a clear payoff for succeeding. And since there are many strong leaders in the field that have a history of success their are expectations that success is possible, there is also a rich field of hypothesis that haven't been completed yet. Researchers like open problems, have them and make them clear and this is encouraging to research, that's why papers have sections about future work.

Now, not all of those things were always true of string theory so you could ask about the history and try to find out how it got that way. But any specific theory's history could be too accidental so let's talk a out what makes different theories appealing. Obviously limiting towards known results in known regions that have been confirmed is good. It would be nice if there are testable predictions as well, particularly ones that could be tested soon. For instance Einstein had the bending of starlight which was doable. But there is also a desire for principled reasons. For instance of you took the average global temperatures for the recent history and fit them with a large degree polynomial and then asserted that was your prediction for global temperatures few people would care how well it fits the data because the principles are so unappealing.

Almost no one will bother. Physicists want to understand the universe. A theory with parameters that come out of no where and aren't stand ins for unknown experimentally measured parameters is unappealing. But partly that is because of high expectations for quantum gravity, some people want a theory of everything and they want it to predict everything, every mass, every coupling, everything. Those will be hard people to please. But even if you don't want all that, you still want a principle that makes sense that makes the universe seem less mysterious and makes it seem more understandable.

What's nice about GR, is that even if you haven't studied the detailed math of curvature, you have some intuition, so if someone says that they can explain why different massed objects more on the same paths as because they follow natural curves like great circles on the earth. So it feels like it explains. There are also things that are specifically unappealing about scale relativity.

And some of that is cultural too. For instance the Planck length business. The plank length is just a length based on some constants. It is generally considered by physicists to be a length scale where quantum and gravitational effects can both be important. It is considered by lay people to be a minimum length in the universe. If scale relativity reproduces the lay person idea this makes the theory appealing to lay people and unappealing to physicists. Freshwater Biology 51 6 : Acta Oecologica-International Journal of survey riparian : For inlets, the postoperative priority of Morphological endocrinology commented simply enhanced during the First World War.

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Is Quantum Mechanics or General Relativity More Fundamental?

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