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Could the New World Church be the ' cup of abominations ' containing the blood of the saints as the European Union is deceiving the faithful as well as persecuting them? Here is a brief explanation on future events and symbolism contained in the Apocalypse. This will happen as the beast with the ten horns rises to dominate their long-suffering innocent people.

When this happens communism will rule and woe to anyone seen to practice their religion in their presence. All religions will be banned, but Christians will suffer the biggest persecution. Roman Catholics will not be tolerated at all and they will have to hold Masses in secret. The time has come, children, all My followers, to start planning your future. From these lines, we are given a clear view over what will occur to the European Union once Russian and China take over the old continent and impose their red Communism on all those who wish to practice their faith.

We do not need to even mention that Communism which the Catholic Church failed to tame by not executing the order of Our Lady of Fatima, consisting of a clear consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart is the ultimate suppressor of religion. The Multitudes of languages: the EU " And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest , where the whore sitteth , are peoples , and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

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This last world empire will be a multi-lingual confederacy. No other regional bloc has more diverse languages and cultures than that of Europe. Here above is a collection of images displaying the Tower of Babel. The poster at the bottom-left corner was created by the EU in order to communicate the great unity of all the people of different tongues — ' Many tongues, One voice ' — as if in defeat of God. Indeed, in Genesis it is written: " …So the LORD scattered them abroad from there over the face of the whole earth; and they stopped building the city.

Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the LORD confused the language of the whole earth; and from there the LORD scattered them abroad over the face of the whole earth.

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It is also evident that the use of upside down stars called ' pentacles ' was purposely planned for that same poster. The inverted pentacle is also called The Sigil of the Baphomet , which presents two points directed upwards, one downwards, and one to each side. It is the official symbol of the Church of Satan.

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Inside the pentacle is the image of a goat with its horns filling the upper two points, its ears filling the two lateral ones and its mouth filling the lower one. This is Satan. The goat and pentacle theme is very old, and has its origins in alchemy. The pentacle can also be surrounded by two circles the innermost touching the points of the star. The parallels do not end here: the architecture of the EU Parliament in Strasburg France displays a close resemblance to the subject of the paintings — although in clear contemporary architectural style.

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The unfinished touches of the structure symbolize the actual process of 'still building' the tower toward the goal prefixed, just as in the paintings here posted. It is no secret that this building has been known for being both 'the tower of Babel' and 'the source of great spending', as the Telegraph wrote in the following words:. The linguists all work for one European institution, a part of the European Union of which most of us have little understanding, but which has huge power.

The towers, deliberately designed to radiate a golden glow in sunlight , house the civil servants who work for the European Court of Justice. Beneath the towers last week were parked several very expensive cars, among them Mercedes and BMWs. Twenty-eight judges and Nine senior lawyers receive:. The use of gold mesh is an architectural feature repeated throughout the vast complex of buildings. The smaller court opposite has an entrance lobby that would not look out of place in the most lavish of five-star hotels. A huge chandelier hangs from the ceiling and silver chain mail is wrapped around the walls.

Here is a screenshot of the Telegraph article, which title does not hesitate to define the European Parliament palace as the Tower of a new Babylon:. European countries will succumb to dictatorship, no better than the days of Hitler NOTE : in order to be fair and truthful to all readers and parties, we declare that the choice of publishing the below image is due to the concept expressed within such message and backed up by an article following it right underneath.

Therefore, all the parts contained in the following collage are to be seen as 'symbolic'; they are, in no way, to be found on main stream media or on any agency's website connected to the European Government since they express a firm and strong point of view. M y dearly beloved daughter, it is My Intention to protect as many of My followers, as the Hand of My Father will descend shortly to punish mankind for their wickedness and to prevent terrible atrocities from being committed by sinners who want to destroy many nations.

All of you will be protected, but your responsibility is to the others. Watch now, as European countries succumb to dictatorship, no better than the days of Hitler. The plans are in place by the world group to take over each country in Europe. Babylon will topple as foretold. The Bear and the Red Dragon will go to war just as prophesied.

Rome will become the seat of wicked rule and domination. Italy will crumble. Greece will be the catalyst, which will provide the excuse to bring down Babylon. All will now be revealed to the world. Prayer can ease the torment of My poor children who will be forced to beg for the food they put in their mouths. They will be treated as children, but will be trodden upon, as they become enslaved by the global group, which works in tandem with European leaders. They are traitors, all of them, not just to those they serve, but to God, My Almighty Father.

His Name is hated by this group, who have banned homage to Him in their countries. For this they will suffer. They will be punished and prevented from fulfilling their wicked mission. The Anger of My beloved Father has now reached unprecedented heights, as the rise of the big Red Dragon is imminent. So much destruction, children, so much lust for power and control, so much hatred for Me, their Divine Saviour. Those wicked and powerful leaders are being controlled by the antichrist , who is now very active.


The antichrist runs a very large organization. So cunning are they that few realize what they really do. My children, they will try to take over and all their plans will seem to be unfolding. But that is when, My Father, will intervene. Woe to those who will face the Anger of My Father. They will not even be given the chance to tremble before Him if they do not repent immediately. Very few of you, children, are being given the Truth, because many of these people control the news you believe to be the truth.

You have no other means of knowing what is going on in the world. For those you consider to be responsible organizations, who care about nations, are, in fact, the very groups run by the antichrist. The nations you consider to be wicked are being victimized and used as pawns so that they, instead, seem wicked to the outside world. You must not always believe what is presented to you in the name of justice. Pray hard for all your brothers and sisters who will be trampled upon by these people.

Pray that The Warning will delay their action and pray to dilute the impact of the plan being orchestrated to abolish your rights to your money, your food and your right to practice Christianity and other religions, which honour My Father. A s read in the above message, there is a clear parallel between Hitler's dictatorship and the soon-to-come oppression. The freedom which Europe has enjoyed for decades will soon be taken away by a sinister, deceitful and hidden game played by a secret world group and the leaders of the European Union in order to allow China and Russia to take over.

We will expand on this subject, as much material is required to build a satisfying picture; for now, we may intend the 'secret world group' to be one or all of the following: the Bilderberg Group ; the Trilateral Commission ; the United Nations ; the Illuminati. In the meantime, we wanted to insert the screenshot of an article from the Mail Online , in which EU president Herman Van Rompuy is said to have published a poem written by Cyriel Verschaeve , a Nazi known for his extreme anti-Semitic position. Totally disagree with your false interpretation! All prophecy is about the children of Israel!

To be the man of perdition you must be the most popular[ political] king of the Jews[ hint; current one]. If he was not a Jew you can only sit in the outer court;Rev 11….. Maranatha, Israel. Hi my name is Errol Mehmetoglou. I am a hellenic. We Krananoi we disliked germanic people Since they arrived from the Russian steppes. We saw them as evil asiatic steppenomads. They are parasites.

We old europeans are genetically democratic and steppenomads or kurgans are barbaric parasite creatures. After years Since we become the hellens after the indo-germanisation proces in the years of 0 to bc the holy bible gives us a green light as if the old athenai Where correct to call germanics evil and parasite.

So on and so forth…. Many believe that one Nation of people are all good or all bad, however, every Nation has both good and bad people. I am one of those very people you speak about. Not all Germans are bad and not all of your people are good.

Whore of Babylon

The Hellonization of Christianity, was caused by the Greek philosophies of men being intermingled with scripture. This thing is forbidden by the Bible, those who do this, are in grave danager, for causing the Apostasy of Christianity. Are YOU one of these people? These people DID something very bad, but are they all bad people?

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No, because most sinned in ignorance, not knowing how their actions offended God. You need to focus on your own sins before you point the finger of scorn to people that you do not personally know. Jesus said fear not, for it will not ad to your days one minute. In a vision while meditating on these things, I heard a voice and it said: "Don't worry.