Statistical Physics: Part 1 (3rd Edition) (Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 5)

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A lucid presentation of statistical physics and thermodynamics which develops from the general principles to give a large number of applications of the theory. Power Vacuum Tubes Handbook 2nd Edition. A change in shape deformation of a solid involves the. Hence the quantities Ai can be obtained by differentiation with respect to Xt of any of these potentials it must be remembered which other variables are treated as constant in the differentiation. Using also. This molecule consists of two CH 3 groups at a certain distance apart and oriented in a certain way to each other.

One of the normal vibrations of the molecule is a "torsional" vibration, in which one of the CH 3 groups is twisted relative to the other. The Classic Russian Text. Science Advisor. Insights Author. Gold Member. The volumes that I have at least some familiarity with are mechanics, classical theory of fields, and statistical physics.


The two good reasons to study these books are that they're concise, and they consistently apply an approach based on the principle of least action. There are many things not to like. You want to make sure to obtain the most recent editions, because the older editions are extremely out of date.

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This shows up particularly in the treatment of special and general relativity. There are end-of-chapter problems, but not very many of them, and they are mostly pretty difficult and given with their solutions immediately following. There is not much in the way of basic problems to promote computational fluency. These books are infamous for stating abstruse arguments very briefly, as if they were obvious or trivial.

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  • These arguments are sometimes incorrect. Often it's impossible to tell whether an argument is meant to be rigorous or simply a plausibility argument. There is essentially no contact with experiment or discussion of applications. Last edited: Jun 23, What we covered was not challenging conceptually or in terms of the actual physics; what was challenging was the manner it is presented.

    The text is very sparse - not a single word is wasted. Also, as stated above, there is a limited number of exercises and they tend to be rather difficult which means there is "no way" to become comfortable with the material before tackling the difficult problems. It hurts my eyes reading this.

    Ren Figueroa. I recently bought the first volume of the series and to my surprise, the inside cover only listed 9 volumes including the one I bought. One of the Statistical volumes is appears to be missing. I believe its the second part Volume 9. Does anyone know why this is? My book on mechanics was published in Both Addison-Wesley and Pergamon Press are printed on the book so I'm not sure who published the book.

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    That's strange. On Amazon I find all 10 volumes of this masterpiece. I've the German translation Hm, this is really strange since Landau-Lifshitz has definitely 10 volumes also in the English edition: 1 Mechanics 2 Classical field theory electromagnetism and general relativity 3 Non-relativistic quantum mechanics 4 Quantum electrodynamics 5 Statistical Physics, Part 1 6 Hydrodynamics 7 Elasticity theory 8 Electrodynamics of Continua 9 Statistical Physics, Part 2 10 Kinetic Theory.

    I believe that statistical mechanics ii contains mostly material written after by other people than Landau, so it is clear that it didn't exist in DrDu said:. I enjoy these books, especially Fluid Mechanics. Along with Batchelor, it provides a no-nonsense development of the field. Has anyone run into typos of these editions? I'm just wondering since my 3rd favorite of the set, Physical Kinetics, is also my least familiar in terms of the equations has some otherwise unconventional derivations.

    Demystifier Science Advisor. I agree that sometimes arguments are pretty short. However, can you give an example, where an argument is really wrong? Want to reply to this thread?

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    Posted Mar 17, Replies 2 Views 8K. How is Mechanics; a course of theoretical physics volume 1 , by Landau and lifshitz? Posted Feb 10,