Testament of a [Pakistani] Liberal

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They do this purely by denying reality. Until the race hate of the fascist left is named and shamed, then the current war the West finds itself in can never be won. As long as a sacred value can be attached to group identity, the actual idea behind the sacred value does not matter. The concept of self-sacrifice comes into play to prepare the fighters for jihad.

The Mohammedan religion too would have been more compatible to us than Christianity… Any violence which does not spring from a spiritual base, will be wavering and uncertain.

Pakistan Mein Aamriat aur Jajoon ka Kirdar: (Testament of a Liberal)

It lacks the stability which can only rest in a fanatical outlook. Sustainable democracy provides law enforcement and balance of power — belt and braces — to stop psychopathy from spreading, from taking over.

Amichai Greenberg delves into his new film

Distraction of democratic institutions is the goal which unites radical movements. There is now an antisemitic populism that directly blames Jews as a group for mass immigration, Internet censorship, multiculturalism, etc, and it would be clarifying to arrive at the facts. Back on topic, if one is going to analyze relations between the West, the western left because of course there is a left outside the west too , and Islam, I believe one should also mention: the use of mass immigration as a tool by western center-left to get votes another topic where I would love to get to the facts , the power of Arab oil money in western politics how does it rate compared to Chinese money, how do they both rate compared to western money , and of course, western warfare and subversion in the Muslim world, which long predates the war on terror, but which has become ubiquitous in the attempt to stamp out jihadi groups wherever they exist.

These relationships are riddled with tensions and contradictions beyond those between western leftism and political Islam. Not off-topic, really. Not surprisingly, they represent themselves to be globalist, anti-Zionist and finesse the question of exactly how anti-Israel they are and consider themselves to be secular. Secular, that is, in the sense that although they were born to parents who are Jews, they themselves are non-believers, even atheists, never go to temple, and never pray.

Nevertheless, you have to wonder why a secular, socialist, atheist Jew would think he is safe, somehow, from being chased down and murdered by an Islamist simply because he is secular. Or that his secular, non-believing children would not be taken off a public conveyance and killed for being Jews as readily as he would be. For an Islamist, there is no escape for a Jew.

An open letter to Ben Affleck | Pakistan Today

No excuse. No pass. For a Jew, no safety in the long run. You would think an American Jew with an IQ of and an advanced degree in something would realize this. I long for a conspiracy. Yes, they are too stupid to know they are inviting in their executioners. Very few Jews actively assisted Hitler while he was ascendant. Jews have never had the luxury of wishful thinking.

Pakistani Rupee Becomes Asia's Worst Currency after IMF Bailout Package

Follow the money. Who benefits from social fragmentation? Well, social cohesion might permit ordinary folks to combine against the one social group who have accumulated all the wealth over the last few decades. As you suggest, we are witnessing good old divide and conquer.

Of course there are additional benefits for the Davos elites—lower labor costs, cheaper nannies, gardeners, construction workers and servants, and the moral superiority they feel over their deplorable fellow citizens. While they watch China implement the Social Credit Score system. Western oligarchs are gradually tightening their own noose of financial blacklisting, deplatforming, and depersoning. We already know at least one dissident who is targeted for the third wave purge, thanks to a FaceBook whistle blower who showed us that Candace Owens is on their hit list.

Thanks for the quotes. Yes, nothing new under the sun. Ideas stew for decades and then they flower. But as you say, Davos wins both ways, they get cheaper labor, less focused opposition and best of all, they get to feel righteous about it. Even the AFD is recruiting Jews at this point. I think this is fairly obvious to people who pay attention closely. What you along with liberals who propagandize in your manner are actually doing is proxying George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and other exceptionally wealthy and influential Leftist Jews for the entire Jewish race.

Anyone who criticizes the aforementioned are automatically branded a Nazi. Jews certainly fit into this puzzle, but you have not identified a good starting point to discuss them. Perhaps such a view is not quite popular enough to deserve the populist label, but singling out Jews or Jewish liberals as the root cause or even just as a significant contributing factor behind progressive multiculturalism and its problems, is something I see regularly in comment sections, Youtube political chats, and so on. Many of these people are atheists who are openly anti-Israel, some to a frightening degree.

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I would be less surprised if Israel arrested George Soros than Hungary. Viewpoints like yours, to me, are bordering on absurdism. Andrew: well put.

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  7. It is very weird and troubling to hear about these Jewish conspiracy theories, as Jews are incredibly diverse in their political views. Liberal Judaism and Liberal Christianity suffer from the same disease, an over identification with Liberalism, politically and socially. This has led to Synagogues and Churches I call them rainbow Churches campaigning hard for diversity and mass immigration.

    I can only surmise that Jews get targeted more frequently because there is a historical anti Semitic cultural pathway to follow that was laid out by the Medieval Church and the Roman Empire before them. Secondly, Jews stick out more, being one order of magnitude more intelligent than your average American Christian Liberal — say a or IQ instead of — they have more financial, social and most significantly political pull — they stand out and become a lightening rod for conspiracy theories and demonization.

    I suppose when you have the power to do something it becomes very hard to see the rationale for NOT doing something; but it is a move in the wrong direction. We have an atheist pope, as we speak, and certainly there are a fair number of churches engaging in what you say, but I have the impression that is more geographic than anything else. Also, while it certainly plays a role, I have grappled with laying all credit for this behavior on the scripture itself.

    Could it be wealth and success, as well? Romans cast aside their religion of superiority and virility for the slave religion over a few centuries. And, to what extent have these values influenced selection mechanisms, to the effect that they may now be a driving factor? G said that? Truer words were never spoken. But then again, Hitler quite forthrightly declared his policy in MK for anyone to read if they wanted to. Nice guys finish last. Or did we just get very lucky? Or are we actually stronger, once we shake off the rose colored glasses?

    Good grief! No Kindle version at a more reasonable price? Very good review. I came to make the same comment. Why not make these ideas accessible to most people…?? Chip is very intelligent, which is why his response is all the more worrying. Chip is somewhat of an expert in fact. Those who have analyzed how ideologies work have noted, perhaps surprisingly, that it has been the MOST educated and intelligent segments of society that have been most susceptible to propaganda. There is a tendency among the educated to trust the wisdom that comes from establishment academia, media and elite institutions.

    However, partly because of their confidence in their existing wisdom, experts and people in this sphere can cease to think critically about their own assumptions. Propagandists do not seek to inject a culture with NEW ideas. Propagandists use parcels of truth, but they instrumentalize them within a system that weaves over-arching lies. This is why propaganda works not just on ignorant masses but on the best educated and those who think themselves immune to manipulation. Furthermore, it is true that Christian fundamentalists and theocrats are danerous in the U.

    This should be obvious to everyone, but apparently not. Compared to Buddhism, Hinduism,Shintoism and the minor religions, Islam has, I think, the best papers to act as ideology for the once colonized and now marginalizing nations, minorities and ethnicities and, therefore, substitute the communism of once: strong authority, intolerance, little tendency to compromise, legality in their eyes to play the victim role, the martyr, the fierce soldier for the good, universal case.

    At least, much more than those other ones.

    Pakistani PM denigrates Jesus, wants world convention to prevent insult to Islam

    Why is it that the First Gulf War is always left out of the story? Am I committing some kind of faux pas by bringing up this subject? Is there a consensus that the First Gulf War was so righteous that it is impermissible to attribute to it any contribution to anti-American sentiments? A local spat between Muslims. Absolutely see your point. It was a local spat between Arabs.

    Worse, you think that everyone else is ought to work with the same assumptions. The free flow of oil from the oil-producing nations to Europe and Asia is very much the business of the United States.

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    It is also very much the business of everyone in the world who is touched by the global economy. Anything that threatens the free flow of oil from Muslim countries to the rest of the world is the business of everyone in the world. She is not defending US foreign policy nor its neoliberal economics, but rather social liberalism of the kind found in the US Constitution.

    She does not see any need to choose between a critique of one or the other and in is more consistent in explaining why both need to be tempered. And what American hypocrisy are you speaking of? And this novelty, may well be the reason the response in the West is so passive. Probably even much less.

    Even in the modern Cairo declaration of human rights, liberal values like free speech and freedom of religion and women rights are absent. Islam is a plagiarism of the worst parts of Judaism and Christianity.