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Since she left most of her personal items behind when she fled, she wrote to Doris Buffett for help. We provided Jane with a refrigerator, toaster oven, and television. That last item—a television—helps to calm her severe anxiety at night. She now works with a counselor, stays within her budget, and lives in a safe environment.

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Stella is formerly homeless. Determined and resilient, however, she made use of many different resources, only writing to Doris Buffett after her car was stolen.

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She needed assistance to purchase a vehicle to get to work, school and medical appointments for her son, who has severe autism and is unable to take public transportation. We helped Stella purchase a reliable, used vehicle as she works her way to financial independence.

Dora is a year-old married woman from Florida with a young autistic son. Her husband had a grand mal seizure caused by a massive brain tumor and needed intensive treatment. She became the sole breadwinner for her family and decided to pursue a law degree. We helped Dora with a grant to cover the costs of a used car, assistance with her rent, a new computer and a hotel room for the day she takes the bar exam.

Learn more about us and find resources to contact the Foundation, volunteer, or share your story. About Us Everyone falls on hard times at some point in life.

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  • We are here to lend a helping hand. Grant Recipient Stories We all experience ups and downs that affect us in different ways. Don Grief is a part of life that comes with being human. Visitors to Istanbul surely noted giant billboards advertising Xerox copiers or bathroom doors in tourist areas stamped with the letters "W. But finally, on September 30, , the letters Q , W , and X were legalized, though they were not added to the Turkish alphabet.

    In the meantime, the Turkish government has found new excuses to litigate against its mayors: In the mayor of Ankara was sued after he used public funds to build a giant statue of a robot. It was later replaced … with a dinosaur. Thirteen of these etymological tall-tales, taken from word origins guide Haggard Hawks and Paltry Poltroons , are explained and debunked here.


    According to the story, back in the days when computers were vast room-filling machines containing hundreds of moving parts, one of the earliest recorded malfunctions was caused by an insect making its home on one of the delicate mechanisms inside—and hence, all computer malfunctions since have been known as bugs. A cabal is a group or sect of like-minded people, often with the implication that those involved are conspiring or working together for some clandestine purpose. The earliest known reference to golf in English?

    Publication and the Public Sphere in Eighteenth-Century America

    A popular story claims that when the English explorer Captain Cook first arrived in Australia in the late 18th century, he spotted a peculiar-looking animal bounding about in the distance and asked a native Aborigine what it was called. Cook then returned to his ship and wrote in his journal on 4 August that, "the animals which I have before mentioned [are] called by the Natives kangooroo. When Mary I of Scotland fell ill while on a trip to France in the mids, she was served a sweet jelly-like concoction made from stewed fruit.

    Leonard Cohen - The Letters

    Anything described as nasty was ultimately said to be as scathing or as cruel as his drawings. In the early s, the wealthiest passengers on cruise ships and liners could afford to pay for a port-side cabin on the outward journey and a starboard cabin on the homeward journey, thereby ensuring that they either had the best uninterrupted views of the passing coastlines, or else had a cabin that avoided the most intense heat of the sun.

    These "port out starboard home" passengers are often claimed to have been the first posh people—but a far more likely explanation is that posh was originally simply a slang name for cash. The bogus story behind pumpernickel is that it comes from the French phrase pain pour Nicol , a quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte that essentially means "bread only good enough for horses.

    Well, no one is really sure—but one theory states that the bread might have originally been, shall we say, hard to digest. Back when horse manure and everything else, for that matter used to be transported by ship, the methane gas it gives off tended to collect in the lowest parts of the vessel—until a passing crewman carrying a lantern had the misfortune to walk by and blow the ship to pieces. Did this ever happen? Who knows. Sincere is derived from the Latin sincerus , meaning "pure" or "genuine. None of these stories, of course, is true.

    Sirloin steak takes its name from sur , the French word for "above" as in surname , and so literally refers to the fact that it is the cut of meat found "above the loin" of a cow. When sur— began to be spelled sir— in English in the early s, however, a popular etymology emerged claiming that this cut of meat was so delicious that it had been knighted by King Charles II.

    The Letters of the Republic — Michael Warner | Harvard University Press

    Different theories claim that on lists of ferry passengers, lists of university students, and even on lists of guests at royal weddings, the word snob would once have been written beside the names of all those individuals who had been born sine nobilitate , or "without nobility. In the New Testament, "the word of God" is described as "sharper than any two-edged sword" Hebrews Mental Floss has affiliate relationships with certain retailers and may receive a small percentage of any sale.

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    • Thanks for helping us pay the bills! With the help of social media, slang words and phrases can gain momentum around the globe in what feels like mere minutes. But trendy terms were making splashes long before YouTubers were stanning guyliner-wearing pop stars who slay all day and woke Gen Z-ers were tweeting their hot takes about fake news, mansplaining, and more.

      In a new study , digital subscription service Readly analyzed data from its magazine archives to identify some popular terms from years past and present and pinpoint exactly when they stopped appearing in print. This obscure term for a foolish person also once meant a "fickle, unstable person," according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

      Much like scrooge is now synonymous with miser , the word scaramouch was used from the s through the s to describe any boastful coward. Wondering why the obsolete expression sounds so familiar?