The Promise of the Fifth Sun

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Simplicity Parenting. It is written that the Fifth Sun will rule over this present time of great transformation. Although there will be great confusion and suffering, particularly for those who resist the natural and impersonal universal principles, there is also the simultaneous potential for the greatest evolution of human consciousness, self awareness and enlightenment.

This is your life.

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It is the life of this fifth world, governed by the light of the Fifth Sun. This is your world and my world. It is the world that was foretold in great detail, etched in stone and carved across the face of the great Aztec Calendar.

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These carvings, which illustrate the promise of the Fifth Sun, guarantee true freedom in your lifetime. True freedom can be found inside your own mind. You simply have to remain true to yourself. Maintain guard of your mind and your thoughts and do not allow negative experiences of your past to invade your present life. The instructions included in this book are intended to bring your life into harmonious balance so that the external changing forces do not come to govern your inner peace and do not dictate the quality of your life.

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Once you know your true origin, you know the power you hold to impact this universe. There will be nothing you cannot accomplish! The Promise of the Fifth Sun explores the myths and the healing secrets found within these ancient stories of creation and native cosmology.

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By understanding how our native ancestors viewed life, we are able to learn from their profound understanding of healing and its connection to the unseen forces of life and creation. We are the promise, and our time has arrived. The Promise of the Fifth Sun reconnects us to the sacred roots of life and creation.

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The ancient Toltec and Nahuatl people lived in order to express and celebrate the mystery of creation through time and space. Looking through their eyes, through their heart and soul, we come to recognize of a unified, nature-rooted existence containing all the medicine and power needed for our healing.

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There is more than culture and customs that remains in the collective consciousness of our native and Latino communities. A rich, ancestral promise stirs within each one of us. The Aridjian love story, according to James J. While the novel at times successfully puts forth a critique of the human-nature divide where humans have an unassailable right to exploit nature, it is less successful in its attempt to counter a crucial aspect of the human-nature binary whereby the feminine—not the masculine—is embedded in nature and whereby women can be exploited at the service of masculine interests.

While the president makes himself omnipresent in the billboards, posters, and advertisements that are strategically located throughout the megalopolis, it is Carlos Tezcatlipoca who really dominates the city, causing terror not only through his tyrannical management of the police, but also through the abduction and rape of myriad young women, whom he lures into his car as they walk to school in the early morning hours.

And it is over his home that Coatlicue herself looms. The building is described as:. Coatlicue is the main source of renewal without which no suns, and therefore no eras, would be possible.

The Promise of the Fifth Sun

In some Mesoamerican cosmogonies more generally known as earth monster, in the Nahuatl cosmogony she is split apart by Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl, who use her upper body to create the earth and lower body to create the heavens. This antagonism is depicted with particular force in his relationship with Natalia, his half-sister. I thought her species was extinct; I see there is one left.

Yet in the gendering of conservationism as feminine something more complex, and somewhat perplexing, is at work: the narrative is at once rejecting the desecration of nature and endorsing the construct that aligns the feminine with nature against the masculine. To be sure, by positioning the reader against Tezcatlipoca, it is certainly rejecting the kind of masculinity that asserts itself through the domination of nature.

A critical manifestation of the end days is the rape and murder of young school girls, which develops throughout the narrative as a kind of detective plot and concludes with the accidental murder of Tezcatlipoca and the revelation that he is the Daybreak Rapist. Ana Violeta escapes death; not sexual assault.