Word Portraits: Five Illustrations of the Mature Christian

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Greg Hinnant. Five Illustrations of the Mature Christian Author Greg Hinnant combines relevant research and insightful Bible teaching to paint five colorful, detailed portrayals of mature Christians: Enduring vessels of honor High-flying eagles The indispensable salt of the earth New Testament wise men and women And Followers of the wise ways of ants Each portrait teaches valuable lessons regarding the character of a mature Christian, and shows you how to implement each one into your life.

This book is unique in topic and goes deeper into illustrations from the Bible that are scarcely touched on in books and in churches. Learning the five illustrations brings readers to understand Jesus and how to become Christ-like. Directly accessing primary material containing portrait images of Emperor Akbar helped me analyze how the portrait of Akbar functioned differently for each emperor.

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Akbar wearing a halo. Akbar without a halo. According to my research of the primary material preserved at the Chester Beatty Library and the Victoria and Albert Museum, functions of portraiture differed between father and son, due to three factors. Thus, the portrait of Akbar as depicted in illustrated folios addressed his audience with the visual lexicon developed by his ancestors, the Timurids of central Asia.

They relied heavily on Persian literary sources, which were in circulation throughout the Persian-speaking world. Secondly, in the Persian tradition, the king had to display certain characteristics to project himself as a suitable ruler for his subjects. These characteristics were:. Akbar as a brave hero left , and Akbar as a just ruler right. This finding helps me prove my argument that the portrait image of Akbar was remapped by Jahangir to suit a dynastic-ancestral image to legitimize his own rule. Illustrated manuscripts can tell us many aspects of human societies and how social relations were hinged upon a keen understanding between a ruler and his subjects.

During the reign of Akbar in India, the emperor followed a structure of protocol that included systems taken from many cultural sources and applied universally at the royal court. The medium of portraiture, which formed the bulk of the images in Mughal art during the reigns of Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan, allows us a window by which we can not only study the physiognomic particularities of men belonging to a particular region, but also glimpse the popular models that were in vogue and which helped shape the portrait images of Mughal emperors, their coterie, and their subjects.

Furthermore, by studying the changes in the visual lexicon between portraits of emperors depicted during their lifetimes and those re-created during the reigns of their successors, we can trace the politics and ideology articulated by the ruling emperor through the medium of manuscript art.

Beach, Milo C. Goswamy, et al, eds.

Crill, Rosemary and Kapil Jariwala, eds. Dimand, S. Losty, J. The Mughals ruled in India from , when Babur defeated the Lodhis and established the empire. The Timurid princes were great patrons of Persian literature and patronized several brilliantly illustrated manuscripts during their reigns. Beatrice Forbes Manz notes that the cultural revival that began under Shahrukh r. Also see Thomas W. Lentz and Glenn D. He conquered India in and reigned there until his death in Illustrations made on paper were accompanied by Persian calligraphy written in text boxes within the composition.

They were usually assembled into albums and bound with a leather cover, decorated with gold inscriptions and intricate designs. Matthew T. Donde recently spent a total of three months October—December and March—April as subject expert, art historical researcher, and co-curator of an exhibition of Indian miniature paintings at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Germany. I think I have an original Akbar painting. I really appreciate that you actually respond to posts instead of leaving everyone wondering and allowing things to run amuck.

I was on a similar article where the posts turned to animals and their possibility of an afterlife with our Creator. The following post caught my interest and was hoping to get your opinion:. Ed, Thanks for your comment and question. There is no direct word in the Bible speaking of an afterlife related to the animals. However the Bible does say in Romans 8 that,. For we know that the whole creation groans together and travails in pain together until now.

The animals as a part of the creation are also presently enslaved under the law of decay and corruption, suffering the vanity and death in the this judged old creation.

Are You a Mature Christian?

This entire creation is awaiting the revelation of the sons of God. This will usher in a new age where there will no longer be groaning, vanity, and corruption. The animals will share in that freedom. Hi Tom, I have thought about the Soul and Spirit for the last 20 years and I still am trying to understand the difference. I do base my thoughts on scripture. GODs breath, a living Soul by which the body lives, and this breath or soul leaves on death.

What I seem to be missing in most studys and discussions is: the eternity of the soul, saved and unsaved. By the gift of His breath we obtained an eternal Soul. I also think about how this Soul is transfered to our children. The Scripture says: Adam is the father of all living. Would not this apply to Eve as well as his children? The bible indicates old and new testament souls being in the loins of the father. Another question. Would this not be how the soul is transfered at conception?

Is not a renunion of man and wife holy and acceptable to God. Would not this be the reason that God hates and its an abomination to Him, unnatural sex perverision? Sincerely, in Christ Bruce.

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Hi Bruce, I appreciate your attention to this crucial matter of knowing the difference between the soul and spirit of man. We need to discern our spirit from our soul and apply each organ appropriately. A footnote on verse 47 in the Recovery Version says,.

The Bible reveals there is a difference between the soul and spirit.

Her praise to God issued from her spirit and then was expressed through her soul. Sadly, many people, unbelievers and believers alike, confuse the two organs—spirit and soul—and in some cased even deny that there is a difference. This is a great loss!

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The Lord Jesus comes to live in our spirit from the time we are reborn John This is much more than a salutation. It is a great revelation!

The Lord Jesus is actually with and indwelling our spirit! As such, this reality should govern our entire Christian life. We should go to the Lord in our spirit and take Him as our source in everything. This is a huge subject, but I hope this helps. The baptism in the Holy Spirit was accomplished in two steps: 1 On the day of Pentecost, the Jewish believers, the first part of the Body of Christ, were baptized in the Holy Spirit Acts ; in the house of Cornelius, the second part of His Body, were baptized in the same way According to the normal Christian experience, at the time we are baptized into Christ, we are also baptized into His one Body 1 Cor.

I understand that if we die the body is buried and the spirit return to the owner what about the soul because it does not seem as if it is going somewhere or soul and spirit is one thing Pastor? What about the soul? First, as I indicated the subject post, the soul and the spirit of man are different. When we die our body is buried and our spirit and soul leave our dead body. This indicates that when Jesus died on the cross, His soul went to Hades.

Footnote 1, on Matthew in the Recovery Version says,. Hades, equal to Sheol in the Old Testament Gen. This is different from the unpleasant part of Hades, referred to as a place of torment where the rich man went in Luke 16 and is separated by a gulf from the pleasant section. Doing a quick research, I see that most theologians consider man to be composed of soul, spirit and body, instead of: mind, spirit, and body. While this might seem like a minor difference, I think the point of contention for me is where the emotion comes from?

I always attributed emotions and feelings from the spirit, which is the eternal essence of who we are, while the role of the mind is purely to understand and measure the physical world that we live in. I support my distinction with 1 Corinthians where Paul talks about the role of tongues and how it edifies the spirit but neglects the mind, and how both the mind and the spirit need to be edified.

I put forth the premise that all emotions comes from the spirit but am not implying that all our emotions are good and should be followed. I put forth this question, not to argue against your claims but to learn from you because I think that I might be wrong in my understanding.

Word Portraits

Most credible Christian sources seem to understand the doctrine of man as the soul, spirit, and body, instead of it being the mind, spirit, and body and am willing to learn. Maybe you could explain your consideration a little further. However, our perishing soul was redeemed by the shedding of the precious human blood of Jesus 1 Pet.

When you die.. I am a firm believer of Jesus Christ.